1Enemy Fitness Plus

Sometimes, the toughest part of being consistent with our exercise is accountability. It can be hard to stay on track without a hiring personal trainer or joining a fitness group. In today’s world, you may even need to make fitness choices based on health safety.   

If you are discouraged when asking how much a personal trainer costs or how much weight you can lose in a month, we challenge you to redefine your options! 

We believe in each of you so much that we are giving you the 1Enemy Fitness Plus App FREE with any in-store or online purchase!  

It's simple! Just add your favorite items to the cart, and once you check out, you will receive a personal code sent to your email for easy access to our app.   

The 1Enemy Fitness Plus App is loaded with over 150+ workouts, healthy recipes, and meal plan opportunities to fuel your fitness journey. You will begin by filling out an initial assessment so that our certified trainers can match you with the best workout program to reach your goals. Each plan will last for 8 weeks.    

After the initial 8 weeks, you will have the option to repeat your plan as a maintenance tool. If you want to improve your game, you can choose to upgrade to one of our advanced plans. Whether you want to burn unwanted body fat, avoid weight gain in general, or add on pounds per week for your muscle gain goals, there's a plan for you!  

These programs come with an upgraded meal and workout plan and are tailored more towards specific goals. Plans like “Summer Shred,” “8 Week Abs,” and “Full Body Tone” will be available for purchase. You will get access to $150 worth of upgrades for just $75!  

Some plans will focus on total body work through bodyweight exercises like the Russian twist exercise, side planks, and triceps dips. Other plans will include more pinpointed movements like the sumo squat or donkey kicks, targeting places like your hips, quadriceps, and glute muscles.   

Whichever way you like to move, be sure to kick off your training sessions with some dynamic stretching so you are able to reach a full range of motion. Don't forget to feel the stretch when you finish to avoid injuries, too! After your workout, you can leave a review for your trainer to assess the toughness, helping them scale the next round of exercises. 

The 1Enemy Fitness Plus App is here to push you, hold you accountable, and help you create the change you've been wanting to make. It's just like having a personal trainer in your pocket! Keep track of your progress with the easy-to-use platform and overcome obstacles you never knew you could.

Our trainers can put you into a virtual workout group with other clients to help you stay motivated and encouraged! If your family or friends have the app, you can even ask your trainer to create a group so your virtual instruction can be a shared physical experience.  

At the top of the home page, you can see your target eating goals for the day alongside your daily fitness goals and progress. If you use a tool to track your eating, like MyFitnessPal, it can sync directly to your app, making the nutrition piece easy!  

Underneath, you have the option to record your sleep, steps, daily body weight, caloric intake, blood pressure, and other wellness-related items to help you track your health. You can even post progress pictures for reference later when you see results!  

Towards the bottom of the home page, you will find tons of statistics. These include your total number of workouts, total number of cardio activities, and badges that keep track of your personal bests. The badges remind you of your hard work and goal accomplishments, and they specifically record volume and max weight statistics as well.

Other helpful tools appear along the bottom ribbon, including a calendar tab that shows you daily goals at a glance. Beside it, the kettlebell icon tab reveals your training program in detail, including individual workouts with videos for reference.  

The fourth tab, marked by an arrow hitting a star, shows your goals in greater detail. It also shows your habits, allowing you to create good new ones and eliminate bad ones. The fork and knife tab opens up the advanced metrics of your meal plan, complete with a portion guide at the bottom. With so many helpful features at such a cheap price, this app offer is a total win! 

For more detailed descriptions of how to use the app’s features, check out our blog! It walks you through how to closely navigate each tab and process, making sure you get the most out of the app immediately after purchase. We want to help you win your day as efficiently as possible!